A Day In Essex

A Day In Essex

I’m a frequent flyer around the United Kingdom.. Sometimes I have trouble finding the best thing to fill my schedule and ease my mind without just going back to the hotel bar and talking with the bartender, it becomes redundant because the conversation becomes so plain. “Hey, how’s the crowd tonight?”, “Oh you know, same ol’ laugh.” Every night, through and through, I feel the walls close in around me and my world getting smaller and smaller. You really want to experience the whole dream, as life goes and sometimes it’s harder to find then you thought. I found myself at the Colchester Zoo wandering around gazing at the wildlife around me, feeling adventurous and invested in the opportunities around me. I was a young man working in investment in Essex at the time and I had the world in the palm of my hands. I was watching the lions on this day and reminded me of the rawness of life I used to feel. The freedom of doing whatever may please me at that time. Though these animals were enclosed in a zoo, they had no idea how free they were. No taxes, get fed everyday, no worries… Really it’s a walk through the park for them.. No pun intended.

Ladies of Essex

Once I found myself bored of the zoo, with nothing but mating on my mind… I continued my way down Church Street and came across a strip club that was well known in the area. I dropped in for a moment but none of it really tickles my fancy. I had some business partners tell me of some sites they had found gorgeous, smart, amazing women on and I thought I might give it a go. I took out my phone and tried my best to find a suitable site to get me a girl to have a wild night with but it was so damn hard to navigate! Luckily I came across with some great Essex escort reviews and it really helped get what I wanted as soon as I could. It only took maybe 2 hours in total to find the girl I wanted, call the agency and have her on her way to me for a night of joy and laughter. I love to treat women with dignity and respect and I love to spend all the money in the world on them. I’m not necessarily an attractive guy so I like to show women my personality and spoil them completely on top of it. Women love that. You may think women are shallow but a lot of them prefer a nice man to a douchebag with a nice car. Even though I do have a great car and I am well off, I am polite.

Woman of My Dreams

So, after drowning myself in a sea of profiles and websites that all ended in disappointment, I finally found her. Fucking woman of my dreams… A woman who brought all the fine luxuries of life straight to your home.. Or in my case, a hotel room. I found a beautiful brunette who made my night one to remember. I did some research and found that most people go through an escort agency to find a girl to take out for the night, rather than cruising Craigslist or Kijiji have a much better time with the women! I took her out for a nice dinner and then we retired to my hotel room where we spent the night doing dark, kinky things I have never done before.

Oh, Did I Mention She Was a Dominatrix?

So, going through the motions of finding my dream girl in Central London became much easier once I found http://www.escortagencyessex.co.uk/ through the escort review site mentioned earlier… And yes, now I must inform you that the night was not a normal one. By far! She came stacked with dildos, whips, chains and the rest of it in her shiny leather bag of doom. She tied me up to the bed, tickled me with some feathers and then whipped me silly. I am a typical middle class man, what can I say? You would be surprised how many men are into this kinky shit. The night was amazing, I won’t disclose the girl today because I want her all to myself but I definitely recommend checking out the websites mentioned before to find just what you are looking for. Good luck out there gentlemen.


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